Strive for Knowledge...

About Shubharambha


Shubharambha Publication Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2065 BS, is one of the leading and briskly expanding publishing houses, committed to play an important role in bringing out quality textbooks and reading materials. What we believe is that the development of educational sector is to develop all aspects of the society and the nation. Considering this fact, Shubharambha Publication Pvt. Ltd. has been playing a prominent role to develop educational sector by providing it with well-designed textbooks for both students and teachers. Moreover, carefully scrutinized and precisely designed textbooks, purposeful selection of reading materials, interesting and child-friendly illustrations, quality printings, etc. are some of the key features of this publication that ultimately provide new reading and teaching experience to students as well as teachers.

With the motto “Strive for Knowledge...”, Shubharambha Publication Pvt. Ltd. pledges to move ahead in reaching out to the entire educational institutes and avail them our services throughout the country. We are planning to produce the highest quality books for +2 and bachelors level of different streams in near future.


To contribute in the development of education sector of Nepal by providing it with highest quality textbooks and other educational materials

Quality Policy

We are committed to spread knowledge through publishing quality books and review for continual improvement for optimum customer satisfaction. Each book embodies the highest level of teaching methodology, presentation and pedagogical effectiveness. These books employ the most modern and proven approaches towards the shaping of young minds.

We continuously strive to maintain a balance between professionalism, scholarly meticulousness, and materialistic reality by producing academic books of the highest quality to promote academic excellence through innovative practices.

We are conscious to improve our operations and achieve total customer satisfaction. We conduct programmes such as workshops , teachers’ training, etc. as and when necessary to enable all the stakeholders to perform their job effectively and ensure regular reviews.